Health Benefits of CBD

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Just when you thought you were stuck with over-the-counter painkillers for life, along comes a new player in the game of pain relief, one that turns out to be a lifesaver. The newcomer's name? Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known. CBD enjoys a rare ability to help people with their physical pain and their mental, psychological, and emotional distress.

CBD: What It Is and Why It Is Good for You

You may be wondering, “What is CBD oil?” CBD is one of the hundred-plus cannabinoids discovered thus far in both hemp and marijuana plants. It and its sibling cannabinoid, THC, which produces an altered state of consciousness, are two of the best-known cannabinoids at present.

Although THC continues to be illegal in many states, CBD products containing less than 0.03% THC sell legally across America due to the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. CBD is non-psychoactive. While it may induce relaxation, it does not make one “high.”

Though still relatively new, CBD is highly prized by many. CBD is good for people in that it effectively helps them to manage their complaints. It relieves much of the stress that is so ever-present in the lives of those living in the 21st century.

It is well-known that an unhealthy amount of stress contributes to the disease of both body and mind. CBD works to ease the effects of too much pressure on the entire human organism. Best of all, CBD lacks the side-effects and addictive qualities of many pharmaceutical stress-relief options.

The Health Benefits of CBD

The number one health benefit of CBD is its contribution to a person’s overall feeling of well-being. The well human being resides in a perfect homeostatic state. Stress alters this ideal balance. CBD products restore this delicate balance by providing additional cannabinoids when the body’s endocannabinoid system struggles to keep up due to circumstances beyond its control. Pure cbd oil makes it easier to maintain this desirable state of equilibrium.

Specifically, isolated and specialized CBD types such as CBDV have the significant ability to reduce the number and severity of seizures in individuals who fail to respond to anticonvulsant pharmaceutical options. Childhood seizure disorders such as Gravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) often respond well to CBD products when all else fails. Manufacturers have worked to produce CBD suitable for pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and more.

The alleviation of anxiety is the foremost reason given by those who regularly purchase CBD products. Some 60% of users cite anxiety as the primary reason for their purchase. Many people’s anxiety is the direct result of past unresolved trauma and PTSD. When combined with psychotherapy, CBD helps users break the association between their body’s physiological fear response and the memory of traumatic events they suffered.

CBD also helps ease addiction’s grip on addicts. A recent, double-blind study showed that CBD reduces cravings as well as anxiety in heroin addicts. Other CBD strains are developed to relieve the health-debilitating effects of insomnia. These sleep aids enable people to not just fall asleep, but to stay asleep all night.

Physical discomfort is the second most popular reason people purchase CBD products today. CBD lotions, oils, and creams are to people today what topical analgesic heat rubs were a generation ago. CBD effectively eases the discomfort of many physical ailments such as arthritis, sprains, bruises, sore muscles, and more.


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CBD Options and Types

Some people claim that cannabinoid compounds cure everything. This claim isn’t valid, but it does point to the wide variety of ways to enhance people’s lives. Those within the CBD industry work tirelessly to develop specialized types of CBD products so that people may purchase the best CBD oil for pain relief, or the best CBD for depression, or the best CBD for whatever their current need happens to be.

CBD is available in various forms such as CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, including a spectacular array of edible products such as gummies, cookies, and even foods such as cheeseburgers. The development of new methods of delivery is continuously ongoing. Depending upon one’s location, CBD’s availability is in the form of suppositories, nasal sprays, even breath mints.

Because of the diversity of the different strains of CBD, it behooves the person new to the world of CBD products to do their due diligence before making their first purchase. Make choices appropriate for the desired outcome. Know how you wish to consume the CBD, whether by smoking, eating, or as a cbd topical application.


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CBD Oil Popularity

Most communities have small, hemp-based businesses from which to purchase CBD oil and other CBD products. Many other small businesses sell CBD products as a sideline. Thus, you may acquire the best CBD cream for pain relief from a display at your local gift shop, or you may take the easy path and order it online. It is up to you. The critical thing to remember is that today you can buy CBD cream and other cannabinoid compounds (except for THC) legally in every state.

Those who live in states where marijuana is legal benefit from dispensaries where they can educate themselves about the various medicinal cannabinoid products are available. People have preferences when it comes to their CBD products. Most people have a favorite CBD for pain relief that they use topically to ease areas that hurt. They perhaps have an entirely different CBD pain relief product that they take orally for pain. CBD has exploded into popularity as regards pain relief primarily as the direct result of its effectiveness. People today reach for CBD for pain as quickly as they do for aspirin.


Pharmaceuticals are not always the answer to a person's health concerns. Many believe a natural product exists to treat every ailment, at least in theory. Science has discovered that many of nature's plants have healing properties not fully understood. There are still many healing substances present in nature that remain undiscovered. Indeed, the humble hemp plant is turning out to be one of the most valuable plants ever discovered!