GMP Certified CBD. Why is it Important?

Manufacturers and startup owners are all buying into the CBD industry, and that’s where GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) comes into the picture. GMP is worth millions of dollars in the United States alone, but without the right certifications, it’s impossible to determine which CBD products are of high quality.

GMP certification is crucial because it protects consumers by holding companies to a higher standard. Good Manufacturing Practice ensures that producers offer safe, consistent, and high-quality CBD products. This guide will explain GMP, what it is, why certifications are important, and how they affect the country’s CBD industry.

Good Manufacturing Practice: What Is It?

GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice is a set of standards a manufacturer must meet during the production process. GMP certifications are awarded by the Food and Drug Administration or an FDA-approved entity to CBD product manufacturers who meet those standards.

GMP is a protective measure that ensures CBD products are produced consistently and that quality is controlled. Good Manufacturing Practice is implemented to control the risks of false labeling and cross-contamination, with the goal of quality control at every stage of the production process.

The Food and Drug Administration has stringent expectations for the country’s manufacturing industry, and GMP-certified companies must uphold the following qualities:

  • Proper employee training
  • Legitimate record keeping
  • Equipment testing and functional
  • Sanitation and cleaning protocols
  • Safe acquisition of raw materials
  • Quality assurance
  • Batch recall processes

The Good Manufacturing Practice certification process requires an in-depth application and is awarded only after the FDA has meticulously inspected a company’s production line, which may take several months.

What Makes GMP Certified Cannabidiol Products Different?

When you purchase our certified CBD products, you can trust that they’re effective, pure, and safe. Here are a few of the aspects that ensure the quality and purity of GMP CBD products.

  • A focus on quality. Certified products are created according to standards for facility conditions, hygiene, batch records, lab controls, material control, and quality assurance.
  • Strict documentation. Manufacturers of certified CBD products are expected to keep immaculate records of all products formulated to ensure consistency and reduce the potential for errors.
  • Inspection. When a certified product reaches you, the equipment it was made with, the factory it was made in, and the product itself have all been inspected several times. Inspections may come in the form of batch analysis or random visits, to ensure full compliance.
  • Safety. When consuming GMP CBD products, you’re assured that they’re safe. With the FDA’s stringent requirements, GMP ensures pure, safe, and consistently high-quality products.

By buying certified products from us, you’re not just investing in the future of the CBD industry, you are investing in your own health and well-being.

Why Is the Certification Process Essential?

The cannabidiol industry was worth more than $310 million in 2019, according to recent reports, and it’s expected to quadruple in size by 2024. It’s crucial that companies lay the groundwork for purity, consistency, quality, and safety now, so the industry can continue to flourish in the future.

GMP certification of CBD products isn’t just important, it’s essential. Over the past few years, cannabidiol has taken center stage by decreasing inflammation, minimizing pain, and promoting overall well-being. However, its rise to prominence has been met with greedy, unethical practices on the part of some manufacturers.

The Food and Drug Administration has struggled to keep pace with the CBD industry’s growth, which has exposed millions of consumers to products that weren’t created according to GMP rules. The cannabis market’s unregulated state and the results of thorough lab testing reinforce the importance of purchasing GMP certified CBD products.



Is GMP Certification of CBD Products an Industrial Standard?

Unfortunately, not all cannabidiol products are certified by GMP. And, without this all-important certification, it’s hard for buyers to know if they’re getting products that are made with unadulterated ingredients in safe environments.

Third-party testing is a great way to show that a product contains what’s advertised, and aspects such as cannabinoid content and terpene profiles can easily be verified. However, it’s tougher to tell whether a product has been handled carefully from beginning to end. GMP certification takes product consistency, purity, and quality to another level.

Most reputable companies have earned GMP certifications, but if it’s unclear, be sure to ask. A GMP certification will give you the reassurance that you have bought a pure, true, and safe product.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving, So It’s Important to Do Your Own Research

There’s a sizable gray area in the standards for the regulation and testing of CBD products, especially when they’re compared to those surrounding cosmetics, beverages, foods, and other products we eat, drink, or put on our skin. However, cannabidiol products are made with almost no oversight, and there’s a great deal of confusion as to what’s safe and legal.

A recent study found that about 30% of CBD products bought online had the cannabidiol content listed on the label. In the study, which looked at over 80 products from 31 different companies, researchers discovered that more than 40% of products had more CBD than advertised, and about 25% had less.

Discrepancies between labels and final products exist despite the Food and Drug Administration’s warnings to companies. As part of their efforts, the FDA has tested some of these products, and many were found to have CBD levels above or below the companies’ claims. Insufficient regulation, as well as the fact that laboratories can set their own production quality standards, doesn’t bode well for an industry that’s so new that it doesn’t offer consumers any sense of stability or safety.

We Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

While it’s easy to read GMP regulations, it’s much harder to implement them effectively. Cannactiv was started by professionals with years of experience in the implementation of cGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) in an effective, practical manner.

Not only do we adhere to cGMP requirements for all products, bet we also provide COAs to further ensure quality and offer transparency for each batch. We believe that the safest and highest quality CBD products require consistency, honesty, balance, and truth, and we invite you to check out our selection of effective, safe products today.